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Web Design & Web Apps Programming
is our passion.

We're creating legible, clean and functional Web sites & applications.

Net Resolve: Web Development
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"Perfection is attained not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing more to remove."
- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

We've developed an effective method of creating Web applications & Web sites.

Experience in managing projects is paying off for our clients.

1. Project Analysis



What is the purpose of the website/app?

Users identification

Who's going to use it?

Creating a dictionary

We want to know the industry vocabulary

Technology selection

Searching for best technologies

2. Prototype Designing

Prototype design

Structure Definition

What will be on the website?

Creating a Prototype

Interface Driven Development.

Creating UML Diagrams

Domain schema and structure of the data

Creating an API

Private, public, functional.

3. App Programming

App Programming

Programming Source Code

Developing working site/app

Automatic Tests

Test Driven Development.

Test Code Coverage

Minimum 85%

Quality Assurance

Validation, tests and complexity control

Web development requires a proven method of work. Our experience allows us to create websites and applications efficiently in accordance with the expectations of clients - designing UI/UX first makes developing websites and apps more flexible and effective.

We have years of experience in Web design and applications development.

Web design and applications programming since 2001 - we only deal with this.

For a decade we've made a lot of websites and applications - our clients are international corporations or government as well as family businesses and private individuals.

Web Development: Churrasco do Landa Web Development: Biuro rachunkowe Adiutor Web Development: UOTT UW Web Development: IIER
Web Development: UOUW Web Development: UOUW 2 Web Development: UOUW 3 Web Development: UOUW 4
Web Development: KRASP Web Development: WR-SRH Bronisze Web Development: Mopik Web Development: Fundacja CEI
Web Development: Brinks Web Development: Brinks 2 Web Development: Brinks 3 Web Development: PSA
Web Development: CC Web Development: Pracownia Archeologiczna Web Development: Jerzy Dziewulski
Web Development: Brinks Web Development: UOUW Web Development: UOUW

We worked, for example, for:

  • Ministry of Justice
    The Polish National School of Judiciary and Public Prosecution
  • PGNiG ROP Warsaw
    Regional Trading Branch of Polish Oil and Gas Company
  • University of Warsaw
    UW Open University and University Technology Transfer Centre
  • Brink's C.L. Poland
    Secure Transportation & Cash Handling
  • Warsaw Agricultural and Food Wholesale Market Bronisze SA
    The largest fruit and vegetable marketplace in Poland
  • Jerzy Dziewulski
    Personal security and counterterrorism
  • Euro Fis
    The manufacturer of cash registers
  • Polish Public Relations Association
    Association of PR professionals
  • Volvo Polska
    Manufacturer of cars, buses and trucks
  • Polish Society of Actuaries
    Association of insurance risk specialists
  • Institute for Strategic Issues
  • Institute for International Education and Research
    Intermediary organization in contacts between universities around the world
  • Vario Term
    Heating valve manufacturer
  • CEAC Polonia
    Correspondence education
  • Your company
    We can also work for you

Certificates, earned by our developers, confirms our experience:

Ruby on Rails PostgreSQL MySQL XHTML XML

We offer our clients not only websites and apps development, but also deal with the analysis and modernization of existing solutions, website administration and apps audits.

By letting us design an application or a web page you can be confident that we will do all work - from domain registration, by creating site/app for server configuration and installation of the requested application.

Professional web development
is also the use of proven technologies.

We know what works best for websites and apps development.

Ruby on Rails MongoDB PostgreSQL MySQL jQuery NodeJS HTML 5 Memcached

We're using our own experiences and the experiences of others - we use the technologies used by Twitter, Facebook, Google, Amazon, Groupon, Shopify or The New York Times.

Developing Web Apps in these technologies, allows us to offer high quality services at competitive prices.

We care about the quality of
the websites and applications

We use the techniques and standards to ensure high quality of our services

Creating applications and websites requires high standards - stability, speed, scalability and reliability of the application or site are dependent largely on the quality of the code and programmers working methods.

Compilance with standards W3C & OWASP

Web development is not unregulated field - there are adequate standards for the code, web pages and their availability and security. We design apps in accordance with these recommendations.

Creating high quality websites and apps Test Driven Development

Before we start writing code - we prepare automated tests that checks the correctness of the created part of code. Over 85% code coverage allows us to make sure that your application will always work smoothly and as expected.

The warranty on apps and websites 3 months or a lifetime

Because we believe that web development is what we can do well
- we offer even a lifetime warranty.

Contact us
- We can also work for you.

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